HDI marks a new beginning as ‘DEVELON’

Meaning ‘Develop’ and ‘Onwards,’ DEVELON represents HDI’s new beginning and the challenges ahead. The new brand name incorporates HDI’s direction and willingness to relentlessly change the world with innovative products and solutions.

Made to Move the Earth

HDI develops products and solutions needed for building infrastructure that can improve society and the world. HDI has strived to provide products and solutions beyond what the market and customers request, and it will move forward by introducing more innovative products and solutions that go beyond the world’s expectations.

Continuous evolution, for better

HDI has been with you since 1937 when it began to produce machines. With the new brand name ‘DEVELON,’ HDI will add growth momentum with the next leap forward as a global leader in CE products and solutions for infrastructure.


A bold name to welcome a new era for our business that encapsulates our core ambition to continue developing onwards and leaving behind a positive footprint in our world.

Please join us on this journey toward the new future.