The new DL420-7 Stage V wheel loader, featuring a completely new design, providing higher performance, increased fuel efficiency and a much enhanced environment for the operator compared to the previous Stage IV model.

The DL420-7 introduces a fresh look for the Develon wheel loader range, with a brand new spacious, ergonomic cab and innovative features for higher productivity, increased controllability and operator comfort.

The DL420-7 has a higher standard bucket capacity of 4.5 m3, the largest in its class, and provides a 7% increase in productivity over the previous ‘-5’ model. With automatic 5-speed powershift transmission and heavy duty HDL axles as standard, the DL420-7 operates exceptionally, especially in high-load environments. The DL420-7 also has smooth and responsive hydraulics and auxiliary hydraulic connections, to provide the ideal material handling solution for construction, demolition, waste, recycling, mining and quarrying.

General Purpose Buckets

General purpose

Straight side cutter, teeth, width 3200 mm 4.3 m³
Straight side cutter, Bolt-on cutting edge, width 3200 mm 4.5 m³
Performance bucket - straight side cutter, teeth, width 3000 mm 4.4 m³
Performance bucket - straight side cutter, Bolt-on cutting edge, width 3000 mm 4.5 m³

Material handling

Convex side cutter, teeth, width 3000 mm 4.7 m³
Convex side cutter, Bolt-on cutting edge, width 3000 mm 4.9 m³
Transparent Bucket System

Owing to blind spots caused by the buckets on wheel loaders, the area in front of the machine has been considered an area of major concern in terms of safety. The system records images at the front of the wheel loader with two cameras mounted on the top and bottom of the machine and displays the combined images in real time on the monitor in the cab using a curved projection method.


See more information about our Transparent Bucket System.

New Brand, Same Values: A Story From Germany
Machine Specs
Bucket capacity4.5 m³
Tipping load18.696 kg
Static tipping load, at 40°16.493 kg
Length with bucket8.926 mm
Width with bucket3.200 mm
Height3.660 mm
Bucket hinge height4.265 mm
Dump height (at 45°) with bolt-on cutting edge2.990 mm
Dump reach (at 45°) with bolt-on cutting edge1.320 mm
Wheel Base3.525 mm
Turning radius, bucket edge7.010 mm
Maximum travel speed (5th gear)40 kph
EngineScania DC13 Stage V (6-cylinder )
Operating weight23.990 kg
Engine power257 kW (345 HP) at 1800 rpm
Standard tyres26.5 R25 (L3)
Breakout force171 kN
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